Britney’s Ass Gets a Power Washing

There’s nothing I like better than a little potty humor, as I am 12. Anyway, there are reports that Britney Spears has been getting her “Stink House” or “Poop Shed” cleaned out regularly. I’m talking about her ass. That was clear, right?

Anyway, if you’ve been wondering about the insides of Britney’s bum as I have been you’ll be glad to know that it’s clean as a whistle as it’s been reported that Britney’s “Crap Bungalow” is receiving regular colon cleansings. One can only image what’s getting washed away in that mess. I’d assume a couple of Misty 120’s, a book of matches, a few Tonka trucks, shoelaces, 3 Valentine cards from 1999 and 1 from 2004, poker chips, cracker jacks, a roll of quarters for the parking meter, 2 Chance cards, and the thimble from Monopoly. There’s probably even more, but my imagination has come to a complete stop and I have induced vomiting.

One drunken source claims that Britney has had the treatment before and “it makes her feel great, more upbeat, and energetic.”

I’ve officially hit a new low in reporting this, but it somehow makes me feel like a pioneer in regards to celebrity colon reports. Look out, Katie Couric, I’m right on your tail (you bitch)!

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