Britney’s 27th Birthday at Tenjune in New York. Dear Tenjune, Will Ya Let Me in For Once?

Britney Spears and her 27 year old rack celebrated her birthday by attending a fiesta (ole!) at Tenjune in New York last night. Britney was surrounded by most people she didn’t know and was given her 15th birthday cake of the day. Giving awkward smiles with her trademark “open mouth” laugh and other Whitney Port facial expressions, Britney was said to have had a great time.

Most importantly is my appeal to Tenjune.

Dear Tenjune,

I’ve been trying to get into your establishment for 1.5 years. I’ve eaten next door at STK countless times in hopes that someone would magically just let me sneak down the stairs and into the backdoor of Tenjune. No luck. So please send me a personal invitation and possibly even a night of free drinks. In turn, I will write about what a great time I had there. Deal? Email me.


P.S –> I prefer to be there on a night when an Olsen Twin is at the bar.

This open letter was sponsored by the letter “P” and Goya.

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