Britney Wins a Bunch of Awards at the VMA’s

Hey folks. In case you missed the snooze-a-palooza that was the 2008 VMA’s, Britney Spears won herself some awards. In fact, she has never won an MTV award before and since MTVs ratings are in the shitter it was no surprise that she ended up winning three awards last night. Anything to get her on stage.

Like I said last night, it’s hard for me to tool on her since she did look good and, at the end of the day, that’s all that I really see in people anyway. It’s a superficial world for IBBB. Britney won Best Female Artist of the Year, Best Pop Video, and the Video of the Year award. Each time she took to the stage I honestly wondered if Britney even remembered making the video that she won for. I mean, that was during her “shithouse surprise” time.

Nonetheless, Britney thanked God, her family, her kids, and most importantly her fans each time she received an award. Each time she basically said the same thing. I was hoping deep down inside that she would have just said, “Hey y’all, memba how crazy I used to be!?” Oh well, Oprah told me to dream big and I did. However, my Britney dream did not come true. Maybe next year.

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