Britney: Two Dollar Sucky Sucky

Nothing says, “Happy Birthday Mom!” quite like a stroke. Britney was helping to celebrate her mom’s birthday and by “helping to celebrate” I really mean “dressing like a complete whore.” The last time I saw an outfit like this was actually two times: (1) In the Paula Abdul video, Cold Hearted Snake – except with a black bra and (2) While walking up the strip in Vegas – but it was worn by actual street walking prostitutes.

And the Mother of the Year award goes to…..Britney Spears!

Britney: “Thanks y’all! I’d really gonna be havin’ to thank my boobs and ass for this award because, y’all, none of these pictures would be here without them. I’d also like to thank my kids, y’all. You know, “what’s his name” and “the new one.” Yeah, them. If you’ve seen them by the way let me know where they’re at y’all, ok? Tell DSS I’ll be home soon, just as soon as I finish my drink y’all.”

Yeah that’s kinda what I think she would say. Anyway, way to whore it up Britney! I know I give you a hard time, but you really are a great role model…..for new prostitutes. They really need someone to look up to and I think you are the Mother Teresa of the streets!

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