Britney Turns 25, Looks 45

Happy 45th birthday Britney! Oh, wait 25. Britney looks just like any mother in these photos. You know, any mother who dresses like a whore and presses her ass up against a glass window when people are outside taking pictures. I think Mother Teresa started out the same way. Yup, I just checked in my encyclopedia and she did.

Anyway, Britney was celebrating the big 2-5 at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. I thought “Mr Chow” was the name of her stanky putanky, but I guess that’s the name of the bar. Britney was spotted earlier in the day taking her kid to the zoo. That’s nice. Zoo by day, minx by night.

I already miss the old Britney and by the “old Britney” I mean the one last week when we saw her “Mr. Chow” on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I hope she isn’t maturing now that she’s 25.
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