Britney to Sing for $100 Million?

Rumors are swirling (meaning the rumors are out there in a circular motion I assume) that Britney is getting ready for the biggest comeback tour in the history of comeback tours on the planet earth (there are bigger comeback tours on Saturn, Pluto and, of course, Uranus). Drunken random sources are saying that Britney is in the process of planning her $100 million comeback tour and is training her ass off (literally) to make this a success.

Whether this is true or not it really got me to thinking, which never is really good for me as I typically will fall out of my chair. Anyway, while I have no interest in seeing Britney Spears in concert even if the tickets were for free I’d rather watch an ant crawl across my apartment floor on a make-shift stage that I’ve created with popsicle sticks, some glue, and a dusting of gold glitter all while listening to “Hit Me Baby One More Time” illegally downloaded on my iPod then see Britney lip-sync on stages in major US cities. Is it just me or does that just seem more entertaining?

Anyway, these pictures above were taken of Britney out and about in Brentwood at Peppone over the weekend. Feel free to print out these pictures, cut out the mouth, turn this into a mask, and star in your own Britney Spears comeback tour in your bathroom! You’re welcome!
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