Britney to Play Restraining Order Game?

When Britney goes from ratty blond wig to ratty brown wig the rumors about her tend to heat up. If we were to plot this out in a chart you would see the correlation. I mean, at this point it’s all about stats. The good folks over at X17 Online are claiming that Britney Spears is about to file a restraining order against her mother, Lynne Spears. Allegedly this is Britney’s way of keeping her mother away from her two kids (“what’s his face” and “the other one”). It appears that Lynne may have a little dependency on some pain killers and Britney isn’t cool with that.
Come on, give Lynne a break. With all the crap that Britney has done, Lynne should be allowed to take enough tranquilizers to stop a charging gorilla dead in it’s tracks. Like I said before, Lynne should stop focusing on Britney and start focusing on Britney’s sister, Jamie-Lynn. Let’s face it, she’s the better of the Spears at this point anyway and could potentially be drug free. Lynne can do all the things that she should have done for Britney to Jamie-Lynn and see how she turns out. If eventually Jamie-Lynn starts flashing her “gentleman greeter” to the paparazzi then Lynne can just give up all together. Seriously, where was I going with this? To recap: Britney in brown wig and possibly filing restraining order against mother.
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