Britney Thought and Analysis of the Week!

I typically don’t like to watch scripted television, which is why I stick to 100% reality shows like “The Hills.” Anyway, I Tivo’d, tuned-in, fast-forwarded, and checked out Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother. I was assuming there would be multiple shots of Britney flashing her “gentlemen greeter” but there weren’t. I was disappointed and let down by Britney Spears, CBS, and Doogie Howser. However, this got me to thinking. Britney actually “acted” in this episode. She didn’t sing. She didn’t dance. She didn’t just stand there. She memorized lines and then said them (in that order) and actually wasn’t that bad. So, uh…er….um…I have a question. How come Britney can’t “act” when she’s in court trying to get her kids back? Oh I don’t know, maybe “act” sane? Just a thought. I am neither an actor nor an acting teacher. I actually just wanted to use the words “neither” and “nor.” Moving on, Britney should totally play this character while she’s in court. At least give it a try. Perhaps she could flash the “gentlemen greeter” to the judge if all else fails. Fine. That was one just for me. I miss it. I haven’t seen hers in a while. I barely remember what hers looks like. Good day.
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