Britney Spears: VMAs Performance: Gimme More….Boniva

Uh, now does Britney know that we know that she doesn’t sing live? She may know some of us know, but does she know we all know? All of us. Everyone. Even Helen Keller can see and hear this fraud-show coming from a mile away. Anyway, Britney opened up the VMAs with a lifeless performance of her new song “Gimme More.” She should change the song to “Gimme More Boniva” because Britney was moving like a 75 year old woman with osteoporosis. Seriously she was barely moving and didn’t even look like she cared she was there. Look, I’m not saying she needs to get herself down to Olsen weight, but I am saying that if she is going to wear Paula Abdul’s old “Vibeology” costume from the 1991 Grammy’s then I really think she should lose a couple more pounds.
As a side note, my favorite part of the whole performance was when they cut to shot of Rihanna and Venus Williams (or Serena) having a full on conversation paying no attention to Britney singing. Brilliant.

Britney Spears: Gimme More…Boniva

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