Britney Spears Makes Tom Cruise Proud

Is Britney sad at Promises Rehab or just bored? It seems like not a lot goes on there. I believe you just walk around wearing a wig and drinking coke. That should wrap up a typical day. Extra is claiming that Britney is very lonely in rehab and cries herself to sleep at night. While Promises believes Britney is suffering from postpartum depression, Britney allegedly refuses to take the medication that they are prescribing to her. Wait, Britney won’t do a drug? She’s cured!! That was probably just a test. Open the gates and let Britney run free! Right now somewhere in the world Tom Cruise is hi-fiving Katie because Britney won’t take the meds. At least she won’t be glib. I mean, she’ll stay as crazy as a shit-house rat, but she won’t be glib.

The crazy cats over at Promises are also suggesting that Britney do a little family therapy with mom and dad, but she refuses to see them at this point. Instead, Britney is looking up to Keith Urban and Brooke Shields to get her through this, according to Katie Caperton of OK! Magazine.

According to X17, they overheard someone at Promises say that Britney, “Looked healthy, but not particularly happy. She wasn’t laughing and being her bubbly self like we saw her acting even just a few days ago in rehab.”

Yeah, well I don’t think rehab is supposed to be a real hoot. Although, I’m sure I’d find something to laugh about while I was in there. At least laugh about some of the other people that are there. You know there has to be at least one or two crazier people at Promises. Laugh at them. ~Words of Wisdom from IBBB

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