Britney Spears: “Hey You Fat F#ck!”

I don’t care that this story is old news. As you know my computer was on the fritz and I was unable to comment on it and I can’t help but to do it now. Britney was with her kids getting back into her car when she was hounded by the paparazzi. How does Britney respond? Brilliantly. Britney snapped a bit and told one of the paparazzi that they should try Weight Watchers and then proceeded to call this person a “fat f*ck.” I mean seriously? Brilliant. First off I love the expression “fat f*ck.” Second, plugging Weight Watchers is not only awesome, but she is simultaneously basically made fun of both Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertonelli. Priceless. I hope Britney never gets normal. Ever. I want to her constantly call all those in her way “fat f*cks.” This world would be a better place is she did so.
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