Britney Spears: Dark Hair Today, 5150 Tomorrow.


In a world where I thrive on breakdowns, guess who is back to dark hair again?  If you guessed “Nell Carter” you’d be wrong as she is dead.  If you guessed Britney Spears you would be correct.  I swear to Santa Christ if there is an umbrella in the black carry-on bag I may, in fact, squeal with delight.  Look, I don’t want Britney being a danger to herself or to others, but let’s face it, the comeback is over and, well, I’m ready for her to get a little rowdy again.  I mean, I’ve been banking on Lohan (any Lohan) but there are only so many prayers I can say for the entire year of 2009 before I start to just give up on her.

Anyohbabybaby, Britney was spotted by the paparazzi (from what I can only assume is 3 blocks up the street, hiding in a tree, with a disposable camera) with her new dark brown/brunette hair stopping by the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood yesterday.  Now if those boots she was wearing were those cruddy brown cowboy ones that she refused to take off for 365 days I’d be a little hopeful that we were getting our old Britney back…you know….the crazy one?  Regardless I will re-write my letter to Jesus Claus and ask for few Britney crotch shots getting out of the car in 2010.  Cheers!

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