Britney Spears Break the Ice Video

Break the Ice

Britney is appealing to the kids with this cartoon-a-palooza video of her latest song Break the Ice. I have a question. May I? Thanks. Uh, how many different voices does Britney technically have? I’m pretty sure this one is a mix of LaToya Jackson, the first member that was kicked out of Destiny’s Child, and one of the members of Expose.
Anyway, I’m a little disappointed that cartoon Britney isn’t showing any cartoon crotch and also that cartoon Britney’s hair isn’t changing colors, length, and knottiness at various points of the video. Uh, and where’s the double/triple chinage? Her cartoon boobs are looking good though for a mother of 2 (yeah I went there).
In conclusion, what in the holy hell is Britney actually singing about? Why do I feel like Helen Keller when I’m listening to this? I hear “break the ice” and “I’ll make you feel hot.” Any other words are lost on me. I hope these videos are one of those crazy japanimation cartoons that force kids to go into sporadic seizures. If I seize I’m going to be pissed.
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