Britney Spears Back to Kentwood. Awkward

Breathe easy LA, because Britney has made a pit stop in Kentwood, Louisiana for her sissy’s baby shower. Yeeee haw! The whole family got together and sat out on the “porch” which looks like it’s about 15 times the size of my apartment. Damn wealth. Damn it all to hell. I’m assuming the paparazzi are up in a hot air balloon snapping pictures over Britney’s moms house of horror. If you look close you can see Britney sitting there (surprisingly with her legs closed) smoking a cigarette and chatting it up with other family members. Here’s how I image that awkward conversation going:

Cousin Bobby Sue Ann: Hey there Brit. So, uh, what y’all be up to lately?
Britney: Um, not too much y’all. Went a little crazy for about 8-months.
Cousin Mary Joe Bobby Ann: Yeah, I saw some of that on my talking picture box.
Britney: Y’all.
Cousin Bobby Sue Ann: So, uh can I have some of them there all of that money y’all have?
Britney: What, y’all?
Cousin Mary Joe Bobby Ann: How are your kids, Brit?
Britney: Who?
Cousin Mary Joe Bobby Ann: You know, you’re kids!
Britney: Ohhhhh. Cheeseburgers.
Cousin Bobby Sue Ann: Y’all!
Cousin Mary Joe Bobby Ann: Y’all!
Britney: Y’all! (burp)

End scene.

Thanks to Dana’s Dirtfor las photographias. Ole!

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