Britney Shaves Elmo, Wears Fur in Vegas

Poor Elmo, he never gets a break. Britney was out and about in Vegas (baby!) with her new boyfriend Isaac Cohen (KFed 2.0) and really tried to hide from the paparazzi. Unfortunately the paparazzi spotted Britney and something tells me that they may, they may have noticed her because of the red boa. Just a guess though. My favorite part of the photo, besides the obvious, is that old dude who is lunging at the paparazzi with a mini flashlight. Yes sir, that is very threatening. You don’t need to try to blind them! Britney’s “tickle me boa,” frighteningly white legs, and hay-like fright wig can easily scare the paparazzi away.

In other Britney Spears news she and Isaac (and by that I actually mean just “she”) spent $40,000 to stay in a suite in Vegas (baby). It’s official, Britney dropped in one night what I spent on my first year of college. Oh those were the days. Look who’s laughing now Britney. I have a college education and what do you have? Oh yeah, millions of dollars, fame, and fans. Ok you win this round!

Who Shaved Elmo!?!

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