Britney Rehab, Rehab Britney. So We Meet Again?

Rumor (Willis) has it that Britney Spears has checked her arse back into rehab, according to I hope this isn’t true, as a sober and cleaned up Britney is a boring and uninteresting Britney. If this is true, I hope that she goes to Promises Rehab, as that place seems like a real blast. I mean they have tennis, volleyball, shuffleboard, and is rumored to also have weekly Bingo. Awesome!
Britney was recently charged with a little “hit and run” and driving without a license. Luckily there is no law that is currently in place that says you can’t drive without underpants. Pheeew! That was a close one for Britney. If found guilty, Britney could face up to 1-year in jail (6-months for each charge), but I’m sure she’ll just have to pa a fine. I mean, Lindsay Lohan basically killed someone, Nicole Richie drove up the wrong side of the freeway while on drugs, and Paris Hilton drove without her license about 15 times. These three whores served a total of about 45 minutes in jail. I’m sure Britney will be fine. On a sad note, Britney doesn’t have much else to shave. Maybe she’ll pull out her front tooth. Ohhhh I hope it’s that.

UPDATE: Britney, thankfully, is NOT in rehab as X17 originally thought. Pheeew! Back to drinking and flashing your “gentlemen greeter.” God bless!

Britney in Rehab Again?

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