Britney Practices Getting Out of Car

Britney has been clearly practicing getting out of her car without showing her business, her lady business. It looks like she has almost perfected the “knee lock.” I mean, sure she’s wearing some pajama bottoms and not a skirt, but it’s still good that she’s practicing. In actuality, Britney was spotted leaving the gym (Equinox) with her cousin. That’s a great workout outfit. If you wan to practice your street-walking skills on the treadmill you might as well dress the part. Seriously, Britney is like that random chick at the gym that basically wears a costume and just talks to everyone the whole time and never works out. Retard. As a side note, nice Von Dutch trucker hat. Trucker hats weren’t cool anymore after season 1 of Punk’d. Even actually truckers don’t wear trucker hats anymore. Nice socks. Diddle much?

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