Britney Looks Cured to Me!

Britney Spears made her way back from Ass-Backwardsville USA to glorious LAX and I think she looks cured! The paparazzi, of course, were photo-rapping her and one “fauxtographer” in the background is even using his/her shoes to help balance the camera. Now that’s professionalism and dedication all wrapped up into one!

Meanwhile, why Britney got all choked up, her entourage got into a bit of a scuffle with the paparazzi and, in particular, one specific fauxtographer. Allegedly one of Britney’s bodyguards pushed a camera into their face. The fauxtographer complained to police that they were shoved and the camera left a mark on their cheek. Awww, that’s cute. Just think of it as a little kiss from Britney herself.
Now don’t jump out your window because Britney was unharmed, but just a little shaken up. Phew.
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