Britney is Smoking and NOT Smoking Hot

Britney was recently quoted as saying that being single is “awesome!” Yeee Haw! Then I picture her spitting and shooting a gun in the air. Maybe she’s single because she’s smoking nasty cigarettes and doesn’t brush her rats nest of a hairdo? I love me a girl who smokes a lot. It’s so sexy. I mean, the way her breath stinks, her teeth start to “yellow,” she gets wrinkles around her mouth, her voice deepens, she coughs a lot, she loses her breath easily, she isn’t able to run long distances…HOT HOT HOT! I really like my women sounding like they work in a Bingo Hall. Anyway, Britney was ‘caught smoking’ while walking the streets of NYC over the weekend, and looking good by the way. Not white-trashy at all, at-all.

Who Shot That Smoker!?!
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