Britney is a Bad Bank Robber

Britney Spears was blending into the crowd at the Lakers/Suns game over the weekend at the Staples Center in LA. Ok, so I know nothing about wigs or even style for that matter, but I refuse to believe that someone who is valued at over $125 million cannot find a more real looking wig. No joke, she looks like she’s about to rob the bank. Maybe she did? Who knows, I don’t know where she was prior to the game. And why the sunglasses and hat while she’s indoors? If she really wanted to disguise herself she should have brought her kids to the game. No one would have ever known it was her. I guess I just don’t think that it’s fair that Jan Brady got teased for her wig, but no one seems to be teeing off on Britney. Jan should not be the only one ridiculed.

*Thanks Gina for the sending in the Britney photo!
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