Britney in the Middle of a Smirk Sandwich

Remember from those old Highlight’s Magazines where you would have to look at a picture and figure out all the things that weren’t correct. For example, there’s a toaster in the tree or the dog has an ice cream cone on his back instead of a tail? Yeah, well looking at Britney Spears pictures is like that, but for adults. Britney ventured out for Christian Audigier’s (owner of Ed Hardy) 50th birthday in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Britney was there with her supposed new boyfriend, Jason Trewick. You might remember him as that dude on the 4-wheeler with Britney in Costa Rica. Regardless those terrible UK news sources are claiming the two have been dating for a little while now and Britney’s dad approves of Justin and sees him as a “stabilizing influence.”

Britney actually didn’t look too shabby at this party and she must be a real laugh-riot because the dude to the left of her and the dude (??) to the right of her are busting a gut. Britney remembered to do such things are smile whist showing her white gum, drinking Coca Cola (without liquor), and keeping her legs closed while photos were being taken. It’s like a whole new Britney…as opposed to a hole and Britney.

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