Britney Hides Her Stolen Lighter By Her Crotch, Thinking That No One Looks There.

I heard rumblings over the weekend that Britney stole a lighter from a random gas station. I also remember thinking who cares and that we should just be lucky that she hasn’t knocked over a 7-11. Then, however, I saw this photo and thought it was ironic that she’s trying to hide the said lighter near her “gentlemen greeter” when we all know that there is a specific camera crew hired to only photograph her “gentlemen greeter” in action on a daily basis.

Anyway, in case you missed this ridiculous story, Britney allegedly stole a blue lighter from a gas station in Sherman Oaks, CA and then the gas station owner reached out to People Magazine asking Britney for the $1.39 that the lighter costs. I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s like when homeless mothers steal food for their kids. Britney is probably stealing that lighter for her kids. I mean, clearly, they must be smoking already. She’s a good mother. Oh, and there’s a war going on in Iraq (I think).

Who Said That!?
Who Shot That Lighter Crotch!?

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