Britney Heading to Court, Y’all! is reporting that Britney “the ass flasher” Spears will be heading to court today around 10:00 AM as she is being deposed. Britney will officially be under oath and will more than likely have to answer questions about child custody and spousal support. Hopefully they’ll also ask her what in the holy hell is wrong with her. Regardless, she’ll be forced by law to tell the truth as she will still be under oath. My thoughts? She will absolutely lie about some crap and then they’ll find out she lied and then she will go to prison for telling tall tales under oath. See how that works? They’re just trying to get her in the slammer. I bet she’d be a bad ass in prison. Anyway, this deposition could last several days so sit tight and let the craziness unfold.
Oh, and the pictures above are from when Britney stopped by a Starbucks (imagine) and flashed her oddly tanned ass as she was getting into her car. Good day.
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