Britney Goes to the Crazy Hospital

Yeeeeee haw! Even more Britney news! Seriously this is turing into the “boy who cried wolf” for me. It’s like take a dirt nap or don’t. I’m tired of reading, hearing, seeing, and learning about Britney’s crazy antics. But, since I am a reporter (I’m not) I will recap the crap out of what, allegedly, went down with Britney late last night. Buckle up.
  • Britney’s psychiartist stopped on by Britney’s crazy house to see just how crazy Britney was. She felt Britney was a danger to herself and others and called the cops. I feel that Britney’s fake British accent is a danger to England.
  • The cops knew this was coming and labled Britney, “The Package.” I would have labled it “Operation Crusty Stringy Pink Wig.” It has a nice ring to it.
  • According to the crazy bastards at TMZ, the psychiatrist told Britney she was heading back to the crazy hospital and Britney was fine with it. She made hot chocolate and sat on the floor writing notes to her mom and dad (who were at the house). If I’m ever committed I’m going to make Lemonade and sit on the floor playing hang-man with my family. Just a thought.
  • Britney’s friendager, Sam Lufti, tried to visit Brit-o-palooza at el hospital, but they wouldn’t let him in and Brit’s dad flipped out on Sam for trying to control her. I’d assume a lot of “yeeeee haws” and “hay chewing” were involved in the argument.
  • Britney has been the ideal crazy patient and has even been granted a cigarette break. Being crazy is a full-time job so you really need a break every once in a while.
  • In the first 72-hours of her stay Brit-o-palooza can’t be forced to take medication so her psychiatrist may try to have her committed for 14 days. 14 days without Britney roaming the streets? Boring. I demand more crazy immediately.
  • You are now officially all caught up. You’re welcome.
  • Somewhere in the world right now Dina and Michael Lohan are hi-fiving.

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