Britney Forgets Bra at Target

Britney spent a little time yesterday shopping at Target, but I think, I think, she forgot to bring her bra with her. I mean it is difficult to remember both a bra and underwear and since Britney is now starting to wear underwear again it just makes sense that she’d forget her bra. Britney is about one size away from sporting some cameltoe. Here’s to wishing!
I never understand why rich people shop at “regular people” stores. I don’t care what you say, rich people are just better than us. To top things off she’s famous too, which makes her super better than us. Yeah, I said it. I’m the major of Shallowtown. I personally like how Britney is really classing things up by chain-smoking and even grabbing her boob. Yeeeee haw!
Rumors have recently been flying that Britney is trying to get back with her ex, Justin Timberlake. What’s the old saying? Once a Mouseketeer, always a Mouseketeer. Is that an old saying? If not, it should be.
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