Britney Does Opposite White Trash

First Whitney is clean and sober and now this? Britney Spears was on her way to David Letterman to talk about…..I have no clue. However, in under 1 month it looks like she already shed her baby weight. Hopefully she either did the whole “toothbrush down the throat” game or maybe it was just Atkins. Do people still do Atkins? Anyway, I hear she was working out for 4-6 hours per day to drop this weight. I’m sure her 2 kids realllly got to know their nanny and housekeeper during that time. I mean, it’s good that Britney may have neglected her kids. How much love and bonding time to children really need anyway? Is the one-month old, Jayden, too young to play XBOX? That’s what I would do with my kids. As soon as my kid turns 2 weeks old I’m plopping him/her in front of the XBOX. Let that babysit them. So what if they’re too little to see or even hold up their own head? If it worked for Britney Spears it can work for you! Wait, where in the hell was I going with this one? Oh yeah, Britney doesn’t look white trash for once. Shocker.
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