Britney and KFed Divorce Settlement

It’s payday for KFed! According to, Britney Spears and KFed have finally come to an agreement in their divorce settlement. It looks like KFed may get about $1 million and will have 50/50 joint custody of “What’s his face” and “The other one.”
With all the money that Britney has, I kinda feel like that $1 million isn’t a lot of money to “win” in the divorce settlement. If I were him, I would use the kids to get more money. For example, I would be like, “Hey Britney, the kids needs some new crap. Can I have $100,000?” Simple right? Sure. Wait, is it wrong to use kids to get money? Some countries make millions off of concepts like that. I mean sure they’re called “sweatshops,” but whatever. Where was I going with this? Forget it.
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