Brit Cam: The Return

Alright alright! So Britney swung by court yesterday for her visitation hearing and I believe she made it into the building, but never into the actual court. Oh, and who cares. I was psyched because that means that the crazy cats of had their cameras streaming a live feed from outside the courtroom. Now, they weren’t live for that long (unlike the last time), but it was nice to seem some additional characters walking by. Let’s take a look.

“Man Who is Ok With Crossing Legs” was outside for a while. He just kept on cross his legs and switching leg positions for a good 5 minutes. He’s smiling, warming his nuts with his hot coffee and is completely comfortable with being a man, crossing his legs, and crushing his sex weapon. He, too, is easy and breezy.
Why hello “Lost Asian Businessman!” Lost Asian Businessman looped the block about 4 times before he finally found his destination. “LAB” typically looks quite confused by all the cameras, but deep down wishes he was standing out there with his camera too. Hell, his camera is almost guaranteed to be packed in his briefcase for that “just in case” opportunity or to have someone take a photo of him alone at the mall in front of the food court. Good luck in your meeting Lost Asian Businessman!

The Camera Yeller fits right in with the rest of the crazies standing there because I caught her more than once looking directly at the camera and yelling. About what, you ask? It makes no difference. The typical Camera Yeller may look familiar to you from such events as “background person during a live newscaster report on the streets of your hometown” as well as “that drunken girl who is screaming swear words directly into the camera at her cousin’s wedding.” The Camera Yeller is likely to be a repeat offender, even after witnessing her own behavior.
Better hurry quick because this dude is on a mission to deliver Mr. Brady’s plans. He’s learned the art of running quickly with Mr Brady’s plans from the episode of The Brady Bunch in which the bratastic kids are trying to deliver Mr Brady’s plans whilst enjoying themselves at the amusement park. Therefore I am just going to name this guy, “Mr Brady’s Plans.” He’s quick with the plans, can run with them, and can easily and accurately hand them off to the next “runner” when needed. Escalators and/or moving walkways do NOT slow down Mr. Brady’s Plans as he is quite the professional.

Hey Chandler! Where’s Monica and Rach? We’re all glad you’re showing your support for Britney and her court appearance, we just ask that you take the appropriate measures to stop looking like the fat Elvis.

Well that concludes another installment of “Brit Cam.” Hopefully TMZ keeps this crap up as, to me, it never gets old.

Brit Cam: The Return

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