Breaking News: Britney Shows Sideboob

Sure Paris Hilton may be out of the slammer, but by now that’s old news. While the paparazzi were flashing their bulbs at Paris, somewhere across town Britney was flashing her “bulbs” at the paparazzi. It’s been a while since we’ve seen any celebrity sideboob so I’m glad that Britney has really stepped up to the plate.

Britney was in Beverly Hills at Jill Roberts store where apparently she didn’t see the paparazzi standing there watching her try on clothes or the large crowd that gathered around to watch Britney try on a bikini and jeans. Maybe she didn’t care. Maybe she’s one of those sick son-of-a-bitch perverts that gets off on having strangers watch her get undressed. You’re sick Britney, sick! That’s it, back to Promises for you. Do they take sex-perverts?

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