Breaking Britney Spears News!

Breaking Britney Spears news! Has Britney just received full custody of her kids? I have no clue. Has Britney Spears been photographed coming out of the B2V Salon in Beverly Hills (90210) with hair that doesn’t look stringy or like someone just took about 10 Barbie heads and stapled them to her head? The answer to that question is “yes!”

Britney, dare I say, actually looks decent. I mean sure she’s still sporting that goofy smile where it looks like she’s ready to catch flies, but still looking decent.

In other Britney news, plans for her to shoot a video with Madonna to show during her tour has been put on pause (allegedly) for now due to some technical glitches. So what’s that glitch you anxiously ask? Well, the set for the video isn’t done yet. The set will include an elevator in which Britney will dance in. Yup. That’s it. Random drunken insiders are saying, “The video will be very deep. You’ve never seen Britney like this before. It will blow your mind.”
Really? Now I’ve seen Britney shave her head, assault an SUV with a green umbrella, almost drop her child (twice), and be taken out of her mansion on a stretcher. What could Britney possibly do in this video that I haven’t seen before? Unless it’s her loving her kids or singing live, I’m not phased.

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