Bindi to Brit: Bring Your Bush to the Bush

Well well well. Bindi Irwin, that wretched little bitch, is at it again. Always trying to “help.” Yuck. Do-gooder. Bindi and her bowl-cut-mullet sporting mother, Terri Irwin, are offering to give Britney some good old fashioned Australian help to get her through her troubled times. What troubled times? Britney’s just having some innocent fun. Anyway, Terri doesn’t admit to whoring out her brat-bag daughter, but she does admit that she and her family have been watching all the drama unfolding with Britney Spears in the past few months and she thinks that Britney should stop on by Australia for a little quality time with mother nature.
Terri has said, “Bindi’s the one who said, ‘People who are having trouble should go in the Bush with us when we do our crocodile research work.’ If Britney and her family want to go in the Bush with us, we’d love to have them.”
First off, now does Britney not technically qualify since she does not currently have “the bush.” Must you have it to enter the Bush? I mean, she has time to grow it out (and style it) before she enters the Bush. God knows she doesn’t do a lot with it when others try to enter her Bush. Just sayin’. Second, there is basically nothing I would love more in all of life than to see Britney, Bindi, and Teri in the Bush. I’m not even kidding. If someone could film that and make that into a reality show I would dedicate my life to watching it. I would quit my job and just watch it over and over and over again. You can only imagine Teri getting off of a Rhino and exposing her “gentleman greeter.” Oh and then Bindi and Britney could have a “sing-off.” Watching the animals react to that is basically the reward in itself. I hope this happens. Pray to your Jesus!

Who Said That!?!
Bindi to Brit: Bring Your Bush to the Bush

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