Because This is How You Buy Groceries?

I hear it's almost impossible to go grocery shopping when you're not dressed like a street walker. I mean, just ask a street walker. Britney did a little grocery shopping the other day with her Siamese twin, Alli, and made sure that she had on her shiny high heels and daisy-dukes that allowed her gut to hang over the waste-band. Alli was kind enough to pick up the Windex, probably in hopes of trying to clean up Britney's career. Ohhhhh! Stop me if you heard this one before. Try the veal. Tip your waitress!

Is Britney taking my advice about “going to skank?” When your career is in the crapper and there is nothing left to do to safe it, just go to skank. I'm sure Britney reads this.

Who Shot That Street Walking Grocery Shopper!?!

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