Who Won Big Brother 9?

Ah another season of Big Brother has come and gone and if you’re one of the other 17 people like me who actually watches this show you were probably not completely shocked that Adam won the $500,000 prize and captured almost all the votes. That’s nice. You may remember Adam being captured on camera multiple times making fun of children with autism all while he actually works with children with autism, so it’s great and well deserved that he won the money. Karma was apparently missing last night. Although, Adam did claim that he would donate $100,000 to children with autism. Someone stay on top of that and see if it actually happens. I’m wondering if he’ll change his tune after they take taxes out of the $500,000 and he’s basically left with like $275,000. Time will tell.

Next up, the viewers then voted for the house guest they felt deserved to win a $25,000 prize and America voted that James should win the $25,000. That’s nice. You may remember that James has a sorted gay-porn past, so that’s nice that America felt he needed the money because at the end of the day, porn stars, are the most deserving of all.

Anyway, next comes the fun part when the house guests are immersed back into society and they get to see all the horrible things they’ve said about each other, racial remarks, etc. James will learn that America knows about his porn past and Natalie will discover just how crazy she is. All of this will be followed by, of course, the rest of the house guests eventually selling their crap on eBay because there are some equally crazy Big Brother fans that would actually want to buy it. Long live the American Dream!
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