Big Brother: Sure I’ll Recap Ya!

True story. I got an email from an angry ImBringingBloggingBack reader who was upset that I haven’t recapped any episodes from this season of Big Brother. So, I gave in and figured I would recap last nights episode. I’m going to need the practice with “The Hills” starting up soon. Oh, and let me just say that I almost didn’t watch this season of Big Brother after yours truly made it to the last round of the semi-finals, but never made into the Big Brother house this season. Yeah, I said it. I so thought I was leaving this blog in the dust and would become a household name. Oh well, there’s always next year….rat bastards. Ok, so here’s my thoughts on last nights episode. It’s my commentary and a recap. It’s a commencap.

  • Great it’s the “power of veto” episode. This one is always the worst because no one ever uses it. Although my favorite part is at the end when they all stand up in slow-motion and play the “Survivor” music.
  • What is Jen talking about “negative sarcasm?” Is there “positive sarcasm?” Where do I sign up?
  • “Evil Dick” and Danielle are on the chopping block. Evil Dick as the “Frankie Factor.” What’s the Frankie Factor you ask? Remember Frankie from MTV’s Real World? Yeah, I couldn’t eat while watching her because she looked filthy. Evil Dick looks like he leaves a ring around the bathtub.
  • Now, does Danielle suffer from “the anorexia” or “the bulimia?” I always forget which one makes your shoulder blades pop out.
  • Why does Nick have on a 100% sweater while in the diary room? They’re in LA right? Wait, maybe their not. Is that the twist?
  • Seriously is this crap for real? Nick starts to cry when telling Danielle he has feeling for her. I mean there are no real tears, but he says he’s going to cry. Danielle then tells Nick her big secret. She isn’t 21. She’s 20. Da-da-duuuun. That changes everything! No wait, it doesn’t.
  • Why does Mike never blink? He’s like that crazy run-away-bride chick that said she got kidnapped. Know who I’m talking about?
  • Ummm is Amber clinically crazy. She cries about 23 hours per day. She even cried when she got picked to try for the “power of veto.” But not liked cried. She sobbed. Nuts. Awesome.
  • Wait, she’s crying again and saying it’s not fair that her name got picked to play the game. Was she not allowed to bring her meds into the house?
  • Wait, now she’s crying again, again. The roommates think it’s really nice of her to cry for them. Nice? I would file a restraining order.
  • Everyone is fighting, although I’m not following it. Did I just black out?
  • Danielle wins the “power of veto.” Does that mean she gets to eat now…or no?
  • So Jen wins a unitard that she must wear all week. To recap, it basically shows a little or a lot of cameltoe. I feel Big Brother stole my idea.
  • In closing, Danielle took herself off the block and Joe was nominated. The end.
  • P.S If you don’t watch Big Brother, none of this will have made sense.
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