Anyone Out There Still Watching Big Brother?

I believe there are 4 people left in the United States watching Big Brother, and I’m one of them. I’m going to admit that I was pretty bummed that Keesha got the boot on Big Brother last night. She should have sailed her way into the top 3 over Jerry. I would have voted for her strictly based on her missing side tooth that we’d always see whenever she would smile and/or laugh. It was also nice to see her rack running around the house from time to time.

I was sad when Renny got the boot a week ago, mostly because every time I watched her she reminded me of Lois from Family Guy and that show always makes me happy. I also loved how whenever Renny would get into an argument with someone her defense would always be so random. She’d just yell out, “What you just said!” And then the other person would say, “Renny what do you mean, what did I just say?” To which Renny would just yell back, “You just said it, what you just said!” It was great. RIP Renny.

Anycrap, Keesha will be off to the jury house thinking that Dan had her back the whole time. Memphis kind of stinks like rotten douche baking in the sun on a hot Saturday afternoon. I can’t take Jerry and that God damn raspy voice. I vote for no one. Does the jury have to vote? I’d vote for Julie Chen’s leather pants. Is that an option?

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