Why is Solange Beating Up Jay Z in an Elevator and is This Just Another Beyonce Video Release?




What in the holy hell happens at The Met Gala?  I typically think that TMZ is the devil and, well, it is but this one I couldn’t help but to share because what better way to kick off your week than watching blurry surveillance footage of an alleged Solange Knowles allegedly kicking and allegedly slapping an alleged Jay Z in an alleged elevator whilst an alleged Beyonce allegedly watches on after the alleged Met Gala in alleged NYC allegedly last week.

You can barely tell but Solange appears to be sporting a Porsha from Real Housewives of Atlanta short wig and then is actually dragged away from Jay Z by some bodyguard just like the real Porsha was when she took down Keyna Moore via her own fright wig.  Now you know I never condone violence unless, of course, it involves any of the following:  drunk homeless people, little people at bachelor parties, anyone on any reality show, nuns vs defenseless school children and/or karma vs. my life.  Other than that, no one should ever put their hands on anyone else.

For the life of me I can’t figure out why Solange would be getting into a brawl with Jay Z unless she was busy calling him “opportunist” like Mama Joyce or maybe she’s pissed she was never respected enough when she was “bridemaid” like some of NeNe’s “bridemaid” were.  Either way, unfortunately what we’re witnessing here is a reverse reenactment of “eat the cake, Anna Mae” from one of the best movies that was ever created in the history of ever “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”


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