Trust Me. The Japanese Eat This Sh*t Up!

Over in Japan, Beyonce and her sister are like freakin’ King Kong and Godzilla. I’m surprised they didn’t enter the stage by crashing through the wall and picking up the tiny Japanese paparazzi. Anychild, King Kong and Godzilla attended the Eight Million Ginza Gates store opening in Japan over the weekend. I’m almost positive that “Ginza” is Japanese for “multiple car crashes.”

Beyonce and Solange were photographed holding purses and sporting abnormally large hair and outfits that you totally know their mother, Tina Knowles, was sewing on the private jet on their way to Japan.

Seriously they love this crap. I wonder if they like bloggers? I feel like I could completely score myself an energy drink commercial or something over there. I may update my passport and just check it out for myself.

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