Rihanna Caught Whatever Beyonce Had

I was listening to that little minx, Rihanna, the other day and all of a sudden I got very reminiscent of Beyonce during her “Irreplaceable” days. The song in question is “Take a Bow” by Rihanna. Ok look, it’s catchy (as is crabs) but so was Irreplaceable until you actually listen to the words. Rihanna suffers from what Beyonce had and clearly is “sing dumping” someone. Here are some of the words:
How ’bout a round of applause, standing ovation.
You look so dumb right now, standing outside my house.
Trying to apologize, you’re so ugly when you cry.
Please, just cut it out.
And don’t tell me you’re sorry cuz you’re not.
And baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught.
But you put on quite a show, really had me going.
But now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing
That was quite a show, very entertaining.
But it’s over now.
Go on an take a bow.
Grab your clothes and get gone,
Better hurry up, before the sprinklers come on.
Ok so you get the point. This, like Beyonce sing dumping me during Irreplaceable, really starts to confuse me. Fine, I get that you’re dumping me, but you don’t have to call me ugly just because I’m crying. And I mean, I may look dumb but that’s because I’m standing outside your house, but you’re the one who told me to start the round of applause. I’m standing here and clapping and crying and there’s this curtain closing on me and I’m trying to grab my clothes because the sprinklers are soaking me. How good do you think you would look if you were trying to do all these things at the same time!?
Anyway, I’ve been dumped before but, again, never by being sung to. I really truly think I’d like it. I’d feel better about it and as I’m packing up my crap I’d have something to dance to. It’s a real win-win, in my eyes.
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