Beyonce’s Dream Girls Need Air

Beyonce was busting at the seams, literally, to get to her premiere of “Dream Girls” last night. The “girls” were in full show last night and could perhaps be the next members of Destiny’s Child.

So the premiere of Dream Girls in CA last night seemed a little random to me. There were some decent celebrities there, but then the remainder of the celebs were pretty bottom of the barrel. For example, Jaime Foxx…that makes sense. Judith Light? I’m not so sure. While she was dressed as Mrs. Claus, maybe she was heading to her job at the mall so she could be right by Santa’s side. And, did they snap the photo of Paula Abdul at the actual moment she was taking a crap in her dress? That’s definitely the “shit face” Paula that we have all come to love. Jennifer Hudson was also bu-bu-busting out of her dress as well, but I guess that is to be expected. And, it was nice to see Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child there to show her support and what I can only guess is making an attempt to convince Beyonce of another Destiny’s Child reunion. I say Michelle should contact the other members of DC that were kicked out and see if they want to record anything.

Moving on since I went on a long tangent…did you know that Beyonce almost didn’t get the role in Dream Girls because she sings too well? Yup. True. She had to practice not singing so well. Yup. She made sure to tell people that too. Yeah, we get Beyonce, you can sing. We get it Beyonce, you can sing better than Jennifer Hudson. It’s just a movie, not real life. We get it. You can stop making everyone aware of that in every interview you give.

Dream Girls is definitely gunning for some Oscar nominations that are just 2.5 months away. This means two things for me: (1) Beyonce’s head will get even bigger (2) This will be yet another movie that wins an Oscar that I will never see.

Good luck Beyonce. It seems like just yesterday you were saying things like, “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.” You’ve really come full circle….as full circle as your boobs falling out of that dress. Good for you! Keep it up and keep them up!
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