Beyonce, Sluts Wear Red

I said it about Oprah and I’ll say it about Beyonce: Sluts Wear Red. It’s a fact. Check your fact book and you’ll see it there. Look at the second photo, she’s even touching herself in public like a pervert…or a slut. See? I’m rarely wrong. Funny story, I get more hate mail from people when I tee-off on her than any other celebrity I write about. Clearly she has very committed fans…or fans who should be committed. Sometimes I mix up the two.

Moving right the hell along, Beyonce was wearing “street walking red” coming out of David Letterman last night. As a side note, Beyonce was just named “best dressed in Hollywood 2006” by Life and Style Magazine. Now I thought you could only win “best dressed” in high school, but clearly that title can be carried through to other times in your life as well. Can I win “best dressed blogger of 2006?” Can someone create an award for that and than nominate me and then choose me as the winner? Thanks. Congratulations on your award, Beyonce. I’m sure it feels better than if you were to win the Oscar.

Who Shot Red!?!

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