Beyonce Later Wrapped Vegetables in Her Dress and Grilled It

Beyonce won some big ass awards last night at the BET Awards. Beyonce took home “Video of the Year” for “Irreplaceable” and was also named best R&B Artist. However, just to rub it in Beyonce’s face, Jennifer Hudson also won two awards; “Best New Artist” and “Female Actress.” Looks like Beyonce got the shaft again in the actress category. I mean she got looked over for her role in Austin Powers a few years ago and then she got looked over again for her role in Dream Girls. What’s a bugaboo to do? Speaking of which, Destiny’s Child reunited last night, although I’m thinking it was only done so that Beyonce could show how much better she was doing than the other two. I say bring back Destiny’s Child. Hell, even add a 4th member again and re-release “Say My Name.” Bring back the year 2000. That was a good year for me. Wait, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Beyonce has on enough tin foil to grill 250 pounds of vegetables. I bet it was hot to the touch.
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