Beyonce and JayZ in St. Tropez: Please Insert Sexual Innuendos Here:

T-o-o m-a-n-y s-e-x-u-a-l i-n-n-u-e-n-o-s, w-i-l-l c-o-m-b-u-s-t. Beyonce and JayZ were living the vida loca in St. Tropez recently when it appears that they were at a Sea World type atmosphere. Now is it a bit ironic that JayZ is sucking on something and Beyonce is putting nuts in her mouth? What? I’m just saying, it’s subliminal. Finally, it appears that Beyonce is sitting on JayZ’s lap while she really ponders some of life’s biggest philosophical challenges. Either that or she’s “becoming a woman.”

In legitimate Beyonce news, she and Shakira Shakira are up for “Video of the Year” at the BET Awards and Beyonce and JayZ are up for “Best Collaboration” for “Deja Vu” and also for “Upgrade U” (which is not short for University). Butt, it doesn’t stop there for Beyonce. She’s also up for BET “Choice Award” for ‘Irreplaceable.” Unfortunately Beyonce was not nominated for her role in “Dream Girls.” I mean it’s only a music award show, but I’m sure Beyonce is pissed….especially because the rest of the Dream Girls cast was nominated. Insert applause here ______.

Check out the BET Awards tonight, June 26th on BET. Check your mother’s local listings for channel and time.
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