Bathing Suit Up: The 9 Best Swim Trunks and Board Shorts For Men

Best Bathing Suits, Swim Trunks, Swimwear for Men 2018 Summer

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All that time you’ve been spending at the gym all year is finally about to pay off.  Bathing suit season.  We’re kidding.  Of course we never made it to the gym more than twice but, either way, we’re still looking for a cool pair of swim trunks that’ll make us look our best.  Depending on your build, there’s a variety of swimwear options for all the guys out there.  If you’re on the taller side, feel free to sport a pair of classic board shorts.  Vertically challenged?  A pair of mid-length trunks may be your best bet.  From florals to stripes and solids to turtles (no, for real), we’ve hunted high and low for the best swims trunks and overall bathing suits for men in 2018 and beyond.  Surfs up, gut in!

1.  BOTO ‘Aruba Palm Trees’ Swim Trunks in Navy Blue – Check Price
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This head-turning bathing suit is tailored fit, so it’s not going to sit on you in a baggy-type situation, which is even better for when you get into the water.  It won’t look like a giant trash bag it floating up to the surface.  We love the tiny little embroidered white palm tress against the dark blue background that really makes this swim suit pop.

2.  Tom & Teddy ‘Pineapple’ Swim Trunks – Check Price
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These bright blue print swim trunks are totally soft, lightweight and dry super fast.  Printed with the coolest yellow pineapples we’ve seen in a little while, this bathing suit reminds you to have fun every time you in the water or on the sand.

3.  Vineyard Vines ‘Tropical Print’ Bathing Suit in Island Blue and Pink – Check Price
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We love a touch of pink to almost anything (we’re secure), but especially when it comes to summer clothing options.  These swim trunks are lightweight and have an elastic-waist so we don’t feel like our circulation is being cut off when we’ve had lunch at the beach and/or 6 frozen drinks.  Hey, expansion happens.

4.  Mr. Swim ‘Mosaic’ Swim Trunks in Turquoise and Black – Check Price
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Outside of the mosaic tile design on this bathing suit, we love how quickly this one dries.  It really makes all the difference for those of us who don’t want to “sit it in” for an hour.  They’re not only waterproof, but also have moisture-wicking technology along with a stretch lining so it’ll move as you move.  When I move, you move…just like that.

5.  Peter Millar ‘Crab Shack’ Bathing Suit – Check Price
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Let’s be honest, this is the only time you actually want grabs anywhere near your downstairs region.  These Atlantic blue trunks (with blue and red crabs) come with an insulated beverage holder too so, well, bottoms up!

6.  Original Penguin ‘Polka Dot Lemon’ Board Shorts – Check Price
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If you love a blue bathing suit, but are still looking for that pop of color these are your best bet.  The tiny little lemons act as polka dots to really turn up your beach look.  They’re vintage in spirt, but modern in quality.

7.  Stripe-Fixed Volley Swim Trunks in Blue – Check Price
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We love how these swim trunks fit perfectly no matter what your body shape it.  They tie at the wrong, are super flattering, and we love the yellow and light-blue stripes that add a little something extra throughout the bathing suit.

8.   Vilebrequin ‘Hawaiian Turtle Print’ Swim Trunks for Men – Check Price

Best Bathing Suits 2017: Vilebrequin Hawaiian Turtle Print Swim Trunks

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It’s totally turtle time with this designer bathing suit from Vilebrequin.  We love the different shades of green that’ll keep you standing out in a sea of blue bathing suits.  This is a on the pricer side, but perfect for that beach vacation you’ve been planning and, plus, you’re worth the extra money.

9.  Nikben ‘Go Bananas’ Men’s Bathing Suit – Check Price

Best Bathing Suits 2017: Nikben Go Bananas Swim Trunks

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Because who doesn’t want bananas on their swim trunks?! You’ll be turning heads at the beach before you know it and, well, they might even be the perfect ice breaker.  Definitely worth the money.

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