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The 23 Best Colognes to Help Him Smell His Best This Summer

We change up our cologne almost as much as we change up our wardrobe (read:  seasonally).  You want to make sure your scent leaves a mark on everyone around you…without being too overpowering. Cologne really has come a long way over the years and there are so many options based on your favorite scents, your personality, […]

9 Ways for Men to Rock White Jeans & Pants This Summer

Because it’s finally summer and you’re ready to rock that white jeans look.  Here’s a bunch of options and how to put it all together. There’s something about white jeans that just makes us feel so much more relaxed.  It also makes us want to drink rosé or giant beers with a watermelon slice on […]

The 8 Men’s Floral Shirts That are Giving Us Total Hawaiian Vibes This Summer

Because it’s officially that time of year where you can rock your favorite Hawaiian shirt.  Here’s some killer floral options to add to your short-sleeve stockpile this summer. We’re so psyched that big print Hawaiian shirts are making a comeback again this year.  Truth be told, we went all-in last year in hopes the trend would […]

9 Christmas T Shirts That are Totally Funny and Will Get You Through This Holiday Season

Because there’s nothing more fun than a Christmas tee.  Actually a funny, and slightly inappropriate, Christmas tee is a bit better.  Here’s how to shop the best of the best! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, literally, everywhere you go.  In fact, it started to look like Christmas around September 1st this year.  […]

10 Shirts Your Mom Will Actually Want to Wear When Celebrating the Mom Life

Because, let’s be honest, mom life is the best life.  And these shirts for mom are just what she wanted. It’s safe to say that your mom is probably the best person in the world.  There isn’t anything that she won’t do for you and she’ll basically give you the shirt off her back so […]

11 Funny Dad Shirts Perfect for This Upcoming Fathers Day

Because he’s your dad and, well, he’s pretty funny (at least he thinks).  Check out these dad shirts perfect for Father’s Day, his birthday or any time of year, really. What can you say about your dad that hasn’t already been said?  He’s crazy, funny, a royal pain at times, taught you everything you know […]

Bifolds to Cardholders: The 10 Best Wallets for Men to Sport This Year

It’s officially time to stop shoving cash and loose change into your front pocket (mixed with some gum wrappers) and upgrade to a new ‘adult’ wallet.  Trust us, it’s not that bad.  If you’re like us, you typically never have actual cash on you anyway (what is this the 90’s?!).  If so, your best bet may […]

Graphic Tees: 16 Funny T-Shirts That Men Will Be Sporting This Summer

Get ready to show off those arms and get some laughs, from these funny men’s graphic t-shirts of course! Your arms are fine. As if we couldn’t love summer any more than we do, these snappy graphic tees just walked into our lives and we can’t get enough of them.  Personally, we love this kind […]

Bathing Suit Up: The 14 Best Swim Trunks and Board Shorts For Men

All that time you’ve been spending at the gym all year is finally about to pay off.  Bathing suit season.  We’re kidding.  Of course we never made it to the gym more than twice but, either way, we’re still looking for a cool pair of swim trunks that’ll make us look our best.  Depending on […]

31 Unique AF Father’s Day Gifts For Dad This Year

Because he’s the best dad in the world so it’s actually easier to gift him than you think. These are the best Father’s Day gifts for dad (so far) in 2018. For real, though, how kick-ass is your dad?  He’s always been there for you, taught you so many cool (and downright weird) things, listened […]

The Only 6 Men’s Suits You Need to See For That Upcoming Summer Wedding

The seasons are changing and so should your suit.  Plus, you were just invited to that summer wedding and, well, you might as well look your best.  Read on! Is it just us or is there nothing worse than having to wear a suit?  We always feel like such a little kid trying to pull […]

Straight-to-Slim: 11 Best Chino Pants Trending for Men This Summer

We love everything about chinos and how far they’ve really come since the days of pleats and being overly baggy (throw those away).  This season we’re seeing perfectly fitting (straight to slim fit) chino pants in a variety of subtle, light and airy, colors and textures.  This summer it’s certainly “50 Shades of Blue” and […]

Share Your Own ‘Dragon Energy’ Like Kanye & Trump With Your Own T-Shirt

Because Kanye’s ‘Dragon Energy’ really is the new ‘Tiger Blood’ of our generation.  Here’s how to shop the tee. As if the political climate and social media isn’t already at full-tilt, sometimes the world implodes and we’re left with little pop culture gems that will live in our lives for 365 days, consume our world, […]

Forever 21’s Hottest Promo Codes and Insane Sales Happening in May 2018

Just when you think you couldn’t get an even better deal at Forever 21, we’ve uncovered these coupon codes and blowout sales items. Let’s be honest with each other, Forever21 is already such a great bargain.  You can stock up on the hottest fashion and style trends of the season and pretty much not spend over […]

The 8 Best Dishwasher Sales Happening Online in May 2018

Ready to upgrade your dishwasher, but don’t feel like paying top dollar?  Read on and check out some of the best dishwasher sales happening right now! You don’t have to wait for a special holiday or long weekend to get a great deal on your dream dishwasher.  When you’re buying them online there is typically […]

The 11 Ultimate Coupons and Promo Codes at Expedia Travel in May 2018

If you’re about to book that dream vacation (hello flight and hotel!) and want to score some discounted rates with promo codes, read on! How come when it’s time to book a trip we usually have to drain our bank accounts?  Just us?  We didn’t think so.  Traveling is so darn expensive these days, but […]

13 Ways to Gift Your Recent Graduate During the Upcoming Graduation Season

It’s officially graduation season and, well, you’re already out of gift ideas.  Take a look below and we’ll solve your grad gift dilemma in under 2 minutes. There’s nothing worse than a lame graduation gift.  Anything that says “Glad to Be Grad” on it should really be tossed into a hole and buried forever.  Nobody […]

The 10 Major Washing Machine Sales Going on in May 2018

Looking to learn how you can save some money on the washing machine of your dreams? Well dream big. The sale is this way! So when’s the best time of year to buy a washing machine?  Studies show that it’s typically between the months of September and October.  This is mainly because the major brands […]

The Ultimate Lawn Mower Sale is Happening Right Now in May 2018

Does your lawn need a little extra love this season? Save some cash with these killer lawn mower sales happening right now! It’s officially that time of year when you need to tend to your lawn.  From your backyard to your front yard cutting your grass is typically a weekend commitment.  While it may take […]

8 Unique Ways to Gift the Wine Lover (or Vino Snob) in Your Life

Finding ways to gift the wine lover in your life has never been more fun (or easy).  Read on for super fun gifting ideas! We can pretend that it’s tough to find cool wine gifts but, well, that would be a lie.  There are so many fun (and sometimes funny) gifts out there for wine […]