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11 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men That are Actually Worth Gifting This Year

Because he’s pretty impossible to shop for so why not try a ‘set it and forget it’ men’s monthly subscription box! Everyone seems to be jumping on the monthly subscription gift bandwagon these days and it seems like new companies are popping up each and every day.  The tough part is that if you don’t […]

The 13 Best Gifts for Travelers Who are Always on the Go

Because we all have that picky traveler we have to shop for each year and, well, we’re not buying them actual luggage. Let’s tell some truths, shall we?  It’s so tough to figure out what to gift anybody at at anytime of year let alone travelers at Christmas.  Sure you can get them the stand-by gifts […]

8 Ways to Gift the Hostess Who Already Has Everything (Ugh)

Because you were just invited over for a fancy-pants dinner and you gotta figure out what to gift the host and hostess.  We’re here to help. Sure you can grab a bottle of wine on the way to your dinner party, but that’s what everyone else is going to do.  And how many bottles can […]

8 Colorful Wedding Gift Ideas Any Bride or Groom Would Love

If you’re not in the mood to gift the bride and groom with money for their wedding, read on! As if there isn’t enough pressure to look your best when you have to attend a wedding, you also need to stress over giving the perfect gift.  Typically we just default to writing a check because, […]

What to Gift the Biggest Rick and Morty Fans in Your Life

Because we all have that one person in our lives who’s the biggest Rick and Morty fan and, well, we’re still trying to figure it out. If you’re new to this, Rick and Morty premiered on Adult Swim way back in 2013 and almost instantly became a cult-classic fan favorite.  Even critics are obsessed, with […]

Tamagotchi Friends, the Original Hatchimal, from the 90’s is Officially Back in Time for Christmas 2017!

Because everything old is new again.  Welcome back, 1990’s, welcome back. That’s right, you heard correctly.  Your ‘favorite’ toy from the 90’s, Tamagotchi, is officially back and is already almost impossible to find and buy online.  Go figure!  They’re coming up on their 20th anniversary so the company, Bandai, thought it made sense to re-release […]

RHONJ Season 8 Premiere Recap: Danielle Staub is Back, Baby!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is officially back (genuflect).  We’ll be crapping the ever-loving shiz out of the season.  Let’s go! RHONJ is back and here’s everything we need to discuss from the season premiere! 1.  Death Makes it Tough to Make Jokes: As we know by this point, Tre’s mom passes away and […]

The Hatchimals Surprise is Here and You’re Having Twins!

Ruh roh!  Hold on to your eggs because Hatchimals is back at it and this time they’re coming out with a new line called “Hatchimals Surprise.” And surprise (!!) because it’s highly coveted and kept under wraps with everyone scratching their head trying to figure out just exactly it will be.  From what we know from […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: So Olive Garden May Have Actually Catered Jenelle’s Wedding

Note:  What happened today in Las Vegas is utterly devastating.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all those that have been impacted.   We thought it would help people take their mind off this miserable day by hopefully providing a laugh or two (hopefully 5 or more) in this latest TM2 recap.   Jenelle – It’s […]

Beanie Man: 13 Best Winter Knit Hats For Men in 2017

We’re here to help you keep warm and look cool all at the same time.  See what we did there?  Every man needs more than one winter hat.  I know.  Groundbreaking.  Think of your beanie as a new way to make a statement this winter season.  If you’re just out shoveling during another dreaded snowstorm, […]

Alert: The Giraven Hatchimal Twins are Here and Ready to Dance

It’s time to explain to your kids where Giraven Hatchimals come from.  Awkward! In what’s now an ever-expanding line of Hatchimals Surprise Twins, Spinmaster is at it again and introducing the Giraven. Anyone want to guess what this one is?  If you guessed a Gerbil Dinosaur, you’d be wrong.  If you guessed a Giraffe Raven combo […]

Luvabella is the Interactive Doll Basically Every Kid Wants for Christmas…and Here’s Where to Buy One

Who’s ready to get trampled for what’s being called the hottest and must-have toy for Christmas 2017?  If you screamed, “Me! Me! Me!” well you’re in luck.  Luvabella is here!  People are going all kinds of crazy over the new Luvabella baby doll that’s for both girls and boys. Yeah we said boys, deal with it. […]

So Walmart is Selling Twin Zuffin Hatchimals and We’re So Going

…or we’ll just buy it online.  Either way, here’s what we know about the new Hatchimals Surprise ‘Zuffin.’ Sometimes there’s a Hatchimal that we just, literally, have no idea what they’re supposed to be.  Sure some are easy, but this Zuffin has us stumped and not just because Walmart really has this one under lock […]

The Hatchimals Puppadee May Be Our Favorite Set of Twins Yet

I mean, a Puppadee has to be a mix between a puppy and a chickadee right?  Right?  We’re pretty sure at least. What we’re 100% sure about is that this new Hatchimal is probably going to be the biggest seller this upcoming holiday season. The official release date is October 6, 2017 and here’s what we […]

Yes the Hatchimals Ligull is Officially Flying Off of Target Shelves

…and online because, let’s be honest, who’s waiting in line at an actual store anymore?  I mean, we will to get these, but we digress. Who’s ready to have the word “Ligull” become part of their new every day vocabulary?  If you involuntarily raised your hand, we feel your pain.  As you may have heard […]

Twining: The Hatchimals Surprise Peacat is So Purrfect!

The surprise is out and one of the new Hatchimals is the Peacat! Hooray! Wait,  what in the world even is a Peacat?  We’ll assume it’s a mix between a peacock and cat?  That seems to make the most sense to us.  We’re out of ideas after that.  The point is, is that the Peacat comes […]

The New Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Taglines are Bananas

Because we’re all ready to finally dive in to the newest season of RHONJ! And the Real Housewives of New Jersey taglines for season 8 have officially arrived and, well, they don’t really disappoint!  As we know there’s a new member of the cast, Margaret Josephs, and she’s really summing up what we can expect […]

The 6 Corduroys Every Man Needs in His Life This Fall and Winter

Because now that fall is here you can officially sport your favorite cords all season long! One of our favorite things about the fall and winter when it comes to fashion is dusting off our favorite corduroy pants and mixing and matching them with a variety of tops.  Corduroys really have come a long way, […]

Take a Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes of Jenelle’s Wedding (and It Almost Didn’t Happen)

Well that’s right folks, Jenelle is officially a married woman.  But, to no surprise, the wedding itself almost didn’t happen and it may have been due to the placement of the DJ booth.  You know, it’s the oldest marriage excuse in the world. We’re a little pissed that we were never invited to the wedding […]

TM2 Recap: The One Where Briana Gave Birth to Stella and Then Tried To Sell Her

It’s another week and another crap of the latest episode of Teen Mom 2.  If you’re not sharing this with your friends, you’re intentionally hurting me. Jenelle – Looks like Jenelle really did take Jace to Saint Thomas after all.  She probably figured it was best to trap him on an island with David to see […]