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12 Mind Blowing Jet Coupon Codes and Sweet Sales in April 2018

As if Jet can’t get any better, we found some major sales and some must-use promo codes this month. If you haven’t been shopping Jet, you’ve just plain old been shopping online the wrong way.  First off, their prices are pretty killer.  From what we’ve seen they typically match Amazon’s prices (not in all cases, […]

The 18 Best Sneakers For Men We’re Obsessed With For 2018

We’re obsessed with all things ‘sneakers.’  Whether you call them ‘tennis shoes’ or ‘sneakers’ we can all agree that we can’t get enough of them.  You used to have a pair of sneakers strictly for running and then another pair to sport when you’re just hanging out, but now those lines are being blurred and […]

12 Sweet Ways to Gift Your Favorite Aunt This Season

Because she’s more than just your favorite aunt.  She’s your best friend.  And, well, that one time she bailed you out of jail so you totally owe her. There’s honestly nothing better than an Aunt.  You may call her your “ant” or “auntie” but one thing we can all agree on is how special an […]

14 Insane Amazon Sales & Coupons We’re Totally Using in April 2018

Trying to get an extra $20 off your Amazon order? We’ve done our best to show you the best sales (and some with the best coupon codes) for Amazon this month. We buy, literally, everything on Amazon.  We say ‘literally’ because we mean it.  No matter what we’re looking for (hello 25 rolls of toilet […]

The 12 Hottest Nordstrom Promos, Sales & Deals in April 2018

Looking to save a little cash when splurging at Nordstrom’s this month?  Well look no further! As we all know by now, Nordstrom seldom gives out a promo or coupon code.  Currently it goes against their general policy.  Why?  We’re not entirely sure.  Lucky for us they’re always running a sale of some sort at […]

18 Clever Gifts For the Special Nurse in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for one of the most important professions in the world? We’re talking about nurses, of course!   It seems like nurses have one of the most important jobs in the world and usually get half the credit they deserve!  This time of year is perfect to let that special nurse […]

The 11 Funny Pool Floats Taking Over Instagram This Summer

When it’s time to give your pool scene a makeover, add a little much needed life to it with these funny giant pool floats and rafts. We couldn’t love summer any more than we do.  The only thing that’s been making it even better is all the cool floats we’ve been seeing recently.  Where did […]

The 47 Birthday Gifts Perfect For Your Boyfriend or Husband

Stumped on when to gift the men for their birthday?  You’re not alone.  If the guy you know has everything it just might be time for a gift upgrade.  One of the best things about gifting for someone else is that they’ll typically never buy any of this stuff for themselves, so it’s a great way […]

The Ultimate Sephora Coupon Codes We’re Obsessed With in April 2018

Get your beauty fix quick and on the cheap thanks to these hot coupon codes and sales at Sephora this month! Who doesn’t love a beauty deal?!  We love all things Sephora because they always seem to have everything we need when it comes to perfumes, colognes, gift sets, makeup, hair care and more. They’re […]

The New Hatchimals ‘Mystery’ is Slated to Take Over Christmas 2018

Still trying to find Hatchimals from last Christmas, well, lucky you because Spinmaster is releasing the new ‘Hatchimals Mystery’ in August 2018. [ Update: April 2018 ] We hate to admit that we still kind of love all things ‘Hatrchimals.’  The Hatchimals Surprise last year was something we were excited about for months before the release.  Well […]

The Best Target Coupon Codes Saving Us the Most Money in April 2018

Run in to Target for milk and leaving with over $200 in stuff?  Guilty as charged! Here’s how you can save some extra cash this month. Is it wrong that a relaxing day for us is shopping at Target?  It’s pretty much our most zen place we can be at.  And when we’re not in Target we’re […]

9 Super Comfy Men’s Sweatshirts and Hoodies for Bumming Around

These men’s comfy sweatshirts (and hoodies) are your new weekend staple. Whoever said that sweatshirts are for just for the winter is totally wrong.  Usher in spring and summer with some lightweight and on-trend hoodies and sweatshirts perfect for guys who want to look good and still stay somewhat warm this season.  These are perfect […]

20 Women’s Tees That Totally Funny AF

Make a statement without having to say a word with one of these pretty funny tees for women. Who says graphic tees are only for guys?  What.  People do say that and we’re here to say “Oh heck no!” to those people.  We just said heck.  These statement t-shirts for the gals are some of the […]

Canvas to Leather: The 12 Best Men’s Briefcases That Help You ‘Adult’

Tired of carrying around your laptop and important work docs in your backpack?  Or worse, your gym bag?  Guilty as charged. Sometimes we have to ‘adult’ and, well, now is one of those times.  That’s right, it’s time for a briefcase.  We know your pain, but don’t worry because men’s briefcases have come such a […]

Graphic Tees: 13 Funny T-Shirts That Men Will Be Sporting This Summer

Get ready to show off those arms and get some laughs, from these funny men’s graphic t-shirts of course! Your arms are fine. As if we couldn’t love summer any more than we do, these snappy graphic tees just walked into our lives and we can’t get enough of them.  Personally, we love this kind […]

The 9 Major Washing Machine Sales Going on in April 2018

Looking to learn how you can save some money on the washing machine of your dreams? Well dream big. The sale is this way! So when’s the best time of year to buy a washing machine?  Studies show that it’s typically between the months of September and October.  This is mainly because the major brands […]

6 Ways to Save at Warby Parker With and Without Coupon Codes in April 2018

Because we’re all obsessed with their glasses and we still want to save some money on our glasses.  Here’s how! You can never have enough pairs of glasses in your life.  They help frame your face and are a great way to spark a little style- personality to your every day life.  We love all […]

Forever 21’s Hottest Promo Codes and Insane Sales Happening in April 2018

Just when you think you couldn’t get an even better deal at Forever 21, we’ve uncovered these coupon codes and blowout sales items. Let’s be honest with each other, Forever21 is already such a great bargain.  You can stock up on the hottest fashion and style trends of the season and pretty much not spend over […]

April 2018’s Killer Coupon Codes and Major Sales at ThinkGeek

If you’re the ultimate nerd like us, read on to see how you can save some cash at checkout when shopping at ThinkGeek. We can’t even begin to tell you the amount of money we’ve dropped at ThinkGeek.  And it can’t just be us.  We technically don’t need any of it, yet we find ourselves purchasing […]

8 Must-See Urban Outfitters Promo Sales in April 2018

Let’s face it, Urban Outfitters has everything we need to rebuild our lives.  Here’s how to save some money when shopping online this month. Urban Outfitter is our go-to when it comes to finding the coolest graphic t-shirts, the most fun drinking games to play with our friends, chicest home decór, and all the odds […]