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The 46 Best Scenes From Teen Mom You Might Have Totally Forgotten About!

We all love Teen Mom.  ALL OF US.  There, I said it.  While we’ll never be able to capture all of the scenes that made us laugh, squirm, and want to deny our citizenship, we have scoured the blessed Internet to find some of our favorite Teen Mom scenes of all time, some scenes we almost […]

9 Fast Ways to Gift the Runners In Your Life This Season

Can we all agree that runners are some of the best people in the world?  Here are a bunch of cool gift options for the runners in your life. So many people are so tricky to find gifts for.  What are they into?  What will they use?  What do they need?  Runners, on the other […]

18 Unique AF Father’s Day Gifts For Dad This Year

Because he’s the best dad in the world so it’s actually easier to gift him than you think. These are the best Father’s Day gifts for dad (so far) in 2018. For real, though, how kick-ass is your dad?  He’s always been there for you, taught you so many cool (and downright weird) things, listened […]

9 T-Shirts Perfect For Your Wild Bachelorette Party Weekend With the Bride

The bachelorette party weekend is booked and all you have left to do is show your love and support for the bride.  These t-shirts are perfect! It’s finally almost here.  The bachelorette party weekend y’all have been planning for the past 6 months!  You’re either “Team Can’t Wait” or “Team Eye Roll.” Regardless of which […]

The 13 Ultimate Couple Gifts For When They Already Have Everything Anyway

You love them as a couple, but they’re totally a pain in the blank when you have to find a gift for them.  Here are the only couple gift ideas you need. What are you supposed to get the couple who already has everything anyway?  Or wait, are you part of that couple and trying to […]

Teen Mom Recap: Butch Gets Visitors in Rehab and Writes Them a Story

Things just don’t seem the same on TMOG without Farrah screaming at everyone.  Alas, we move forward.  Here’s the highlights from what went down last night on Teen Mom. Catelynn – I love how it’s Visit a Butch at Rehab day in America.  I assume that’s like a national holiday.  Tyler and his sister Amber head […]

Spin Master’s Fuggler Stuffed Animal Dolls (and Their Teeth) Will Haunt Your Kids in Fall 2018

Because if your kids are giving their Hatchimals a major eye-roll, they’re probably in the market for the new creepy Fuggler. There is something so refreshing/horrifying about the new Fuggler stuffed animals that Spin Master will be releasing sometime in the Fall of 2018.  Just in time for the holiday rush!  These Fugglers (which stands […]

The Coolest Graphic T-Shirts for Kids (Toddler Boys & Girls Too) This Season

Help your kids show off their shining personalities with these super cool graphic t-shirts that are boy and girl approved! It’s officially that time to upgrade your kids funny little graphic tees.  First off they seem to outgrow them in about 2 months (sometimes they actually do), and second of all there’s always some pesky […]

Bathing Suit Up: The 14 Best Swim Trunks and Board Shorts For Men

All that time you’ve been spending at the gym all year is finally about to pay off.  Bathing suit season.  We’re kidding.  Of course we never made it to the gym more than twice but, either way, we’re still looking for a cool pair of swim trunks that’ll make us look our best.  Depending on […]

13 Super Fun Pet Gifts For the Dog & Cat Lovers in Your Life

All the unique gift ideas for your favorite pets (hello dogs and cats!) and pet lovers in your life (hello people!).  Read on! How much more fun is it to buy gifts for your dog or cat than actual people?!  You know they’ll love whatever you get them and they’ll, most likely, never return them.  Unless […]

28 Best Perfume and Fragrances Women are Obsessing Over This Spring

It’s officially that time of year to switch up your go-to fragrance and try out a new and exciting perfume that will totally welcome in the season.  Whether you’re buying for yourself or for someone you love, we’ve rounded up some of the best-selling perfumes and fragrances that are making everyone’s ‘must-have’ list for 2018. […]

The 61 Best Gifts For Her This Mother’s Day That Any Mom (or Wife) Will Totally Love

It’s happening.  Yes, it is officially that time of year.  Mother’s Day! You’ve spent most of your day walking through the mall looking for that special gift for your mom (or wife/girlfriend), but have come out with nothing except an empty tank of gas after driving around the parking lot for 74 minutes.  Well sit back and […]

The Ultimate Lawn Mower Sale is Happening Right Now in April 2018

Does your lawn need a little extra love this season? Save some cash with these killer lawn mower sales happening right now! It’s officially that time of year when you need to tend to your lawn.  From your backyard to your front yard cutting your grass is typically a weekend commitment.  While it may take […]

The 8 Best Dishwasher Sales Happening Online in April 2018

Ready to upgrade your dishwasher, but don’t feel like paying top dollar?  Read on and check out some of the best dishwasher sales happening right now! You don’t have to wait for a special holiday or long weekend to get a great deal on your dream dishwasher.  When you’re buying them online there is typically […]

The 16 Best J. Crew (and Factory) Promo Codes We’re Grateful For in April 2018

Yes to all things J. Crew!  Except, well, the prices.  Sometimes.  We’re not hating on the prices but, of course, we’d love them to be a bit lower.  The good news is that between J. Crew and J. Crew Factory there’s always some sort of sale going on.  On top of that, they’re always giving […]

10 Ways to Gift Your Brother Who’s a Pain, But You Love Anyway

He may have beat you up when you were a kid (or even now), but here’s what you should get your brother who already has everything anyway.   It’s officially the time of year when you have to find a gift for your brother.  What do you get the guy who tormented you as a […]

The 9 Ultimate Coupons and Promo Codes at Expedia Travel in April 2018

If you’re about to book that dream vacation (hello flight and hotel!) and want to score some discounted rates, read on! How come when it’s time to book a trip we usually have to drain our bank accounts?  Just us?  We didn’t think so.  Traveling is so darn expensive these days, but Expedia is almost […]

20 of Home Depot’s Hottest Coupon Codes and Sales Happening in April 2018

Looking to save a little money on your next Home Depot home improvement project?  Read on! How come every time we watch anything on HGTV we’re ready to knock down a wall, slap up some shiplap, or build a front porch?  You know, on a whim.  Either way, when it comes to any kind of home […]

The 10 Macy’s Promo Codes and Sales Saving Us Cash All Throughout the Month

Macy’s is always having a “One Day Sale” but we found out how to save a little extra cash during checkout. Macy’s really has almost everything we could ever want and need.  But, for real, what’s up with those “One Day” sales that seem to happen, uh, every day?  Does that irk anyone else?  Either […]

DebzOG Talks About Farrah’s Mental Problems and Why Michael is Trying to Blackmail Her

You know I love to sell out as much as the next person. Thanks to the Facebook Show ‘Shot Topics’ I get to do this all the live-long day with all my favorite reality stars.   Well this time around I got to throw back some drinks with Debra Danielsen (from Teen Mom, of course) and […]