There May Be a Problem When Audrina is the Fat One



Stephanie Pratt is apparently on day 100 of her “Tour of Anorexia.”  You know there’s a bit of a problem in the food department when Audrina is now the fat one on the show.   I mean, pull out Audrina’s two front teef and she appears to still weigh a good 25 pounds more than Stephanie.  All in all they probably both weigh 110 pounds combined, but Oddrina better shine up her toof brush and start playing “puke, blah, and wahhh” over the toilet or Stephanie is going to really start showing her up!

Please note that IBBB does not promote playing “puke, blah, and wahhh” over the toilet.  In fact, IBBB feels that women should get up to Oprah’s weight as I’m sure she will just make it mandatory at some point before the year is over.  Perhaps a law.

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