Happy Belated Birthday, Audrina


Happy belated birthday, Audrina!  I’m secretly hoping this is the face you’ll be using as you renew your drivers license.  I’m also thinking of using it as my license photo. 

If Audrina knows that she’s going to be photographed and, 9 times out of 10, she has that “look” in her eyes, why not just always look down at the ground or, perhaps, just start walking around on your hands so that your eyes go from “ceiling” to “basement.”  These are just some ideas I have to help her.

Audrina held her rack up whilst walking out of Beso restaurant in LA over the weekend as she celebrated her birthday.  I know we talked about this before, but whatever Oddy did to her face is really working and I hope that she just stops there.  You see, Heidi could have been saved too if she had just stopped after nose was reworked, but, sadly, I wasn’t here to ask her to politely stop.  Audrina, you’ll thank me later.

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