Breaking: Audrina’s Teeth Whiter

Audrina and her teeth made a recent appearance at the launch party for Kira Plastinia the other night and her eyes never seemed more dead, yet her teeth have somehow hit tilt on the “White-O-Meter.” At this point I’m pretty sure Audrina’s teeth are signaling some form of an attack to the terrorists and while her teeth are now the most blinding shade of white I’ve ever seen since the last time I looked directly into the sun and then quickly closed my eyes, I’m sure the terrorist attack is going to be massive.

Anyway back to this Plastinia hoopla. According to recent reports, reps from Plastinia have been chatting up Audrina for possibly her own clothing line. Currently Audrina is the only cast member from The Hills who isn’t making her own crappy clothes and forcing impressionable young girls to buy them at insanely overpriced costs.
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