Audrina "Teefs" Patridge Gets Her Own Reality Show, World Implodes



Don’t call it a comeback, she’s been here for years.  Stick some toothpicks in your eyes and breakout the teeth whitener because Teefs Pats has just scored her very own reality show with Mark Burnett Productions. Sweet!  Just another reason for other countries to hate us! 

Audrina’s show, which I hope will be called something catchy like: “Teef and Rack”, or “Canceled After 1 Episode,” will follow Audrina on her professional and personal life.  Justin Bobby must be cutting himself some new jean shorts and spit-shinning his sparkly silver motorcycle helmet in anticipation of winning back Oddrina’s heart and becoming a reoccurring character on her show.  I’m hoping this happens because I still own and, well, I don’t want that site to die….the domain is too good!

Audrina will be peacing out of The Hills after this season along with Lauren “Sprouts a Mustache” Conrad and has issued this statment, “I wanted to collaborate with the best possible team for my first big project after The Hills.  Mark Burnett really understands my vision and I am excited about the concepts we’ve developed that will show people a different side of my life.”

Um, ok, so just to clarify: “Mark Burnett really understand my vision” really means “Mark Burnett is in awe about my ceiling eyes.”  And “will show people a different side of my life” really means “Besides my boobs, we’ll also focus on my ass.”

World implosion!  This new “show” better be good enough to recap!  Ole!

Sidenote: Photos above are of Oddy shopping at Barney’s yesterday. Jealous?

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